Lilienthal Berlin uses beans to creates Coffee Watch with “subtle coffee aroma”

The Berlin-based watchmaker Lilienthal Berlin has created a timepiece with a case made from recycled coffee grounds, which, according to the company, emits a coffee-like aroma when worn.

Coffee Watch by Lilienthal Berlin, which has been shortlisted for a Dezeen Award 2022, features a case made from a coffee-based material developed by its partner Kaffeeform, a stainless steel core, and a genuine leather strap.

The Coffee Watch is available in a variety of colors, including Macchiato, a light brown hue.
According to Lilienthal Berlin, over 20 million tonnes of waste coffee grounds are collected annually in Germany alone, prompting the brand to launch Coffee Watch in an effort to reduce this waste.

Kaffeeform uses used coffee grounds collected by bicycle couriers from cafes across Berlin, which are then dried in community workshops and prepared for processing.

A brown watch with a coffee-inspired design.
Lilienthal Berlin, a Berlin-based design firm, has created a watch with a case made from recycled coffee.
The grounds are then upcycled into a material that is “traceable, eco-friendly, and tells a story,” according to Lilienthal Berlin.

The brand stated, “With the Coffee Watch, we want to demonstrate how exciting a sustainable lifestyle can be and that it is worthwhile to challenge the status quo.”

“That it is possible to create a watch from something as ostensibly useless as coffee grounds – that stylish accessories can be compatible with premium quality and sustainability.”

High Society produces lamps from spent beer and coffee to fund addiction prevention.
In addition, the color and texture of the watch were intended to resemble that of coffee. Americano, Expresso, Latte, and Macchiato, which range from dark to light brown, are the available strap hues.

Coffee Watch has a minimal Bauhaus-style dial with a “subtle sunburst effect” and was designed to be durable and fully recyclable, according to the brand.

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