Women In Coffee Disrupting The Coffee Industry With Breakthrough Carbon Reduction

From: virtual-strategy.com

Smaller batches of organic Coffee roasted smoke-free inside the retail store.

Innovation and advanced methods in coffee bean roast now to reduce Carbon emissions up to 79%. Women Owned Kundalini Coffee has made its focus health and organic. Heath beyond the cup extends to the Environment. Kundalini Coffee is giving back 10% of its Coffee bean sales to the planet and environmental charities.

A story that starts with health and extends beyond the human being to the planet. Such is the visions for women-owned Kundalini Coffee Company. The innovative company focus is health for the planet and human. Roasting Coffee beans consuming less fuel and carbon reduction in the coffee industry. The company uses a coffee-roasting method that eliminates the need for industrial after burners from coffee bean roasting all together.

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