Aldi is selling a gorgeous rose gold coffee machine for under £17

Aldi is selling a rose gold coffee machine that includes a travel cup and a 24-hour timer that will automatically schedule your next brew.

Aldi is one of the finest locations to get cheap kitchen appliances, with everything from a retro pastel pink kettle and toaster set to a pink KitchenAid knockoff, and even a slow cooker for £12.99! Thanks to the Ambiano Coffee To Go machine, your morning routine has just been a whole lot easier.

The Aldi rose gold coffee maker brews excellent, high-quality coffee quickly and includes a thermos cup with lid and seal. So you can carry your morning coffee with you wherever you go, whether you’re walking, driving, commuting to work, or working from home.

The Ambiano Coffee To Go costs £16.99 and may be used with both ground and soft pods. Simply pour your prefered coffee into the built-in filter and turn on the ‘one-touch’ switch.

Ambiano Rose Gold Coffee To Go This convenient machine allows you to plan your coffee at any time of day, whether it’s for breakfast or lunch, and it always produces a fresh and tasty cup.

It features an LED timer so you’ll know when your coffee is done, and best of all, it includes a 24-hour timer so you can set your machine to make a fresh hot coffee as soon as your morning alarm goes off, so it’ll be ready when you wake up.

The coffee can be made right into your thermos, so you can grab it ‘to go,’ as the machine’s name suggests, making your morning routine a whole lot easier.

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