Coffee-ground soap proving a winner

Do you want a cup of coffee while you’re showering? During Covid-19 Alert Level 4, Jeantine Dixon, a 12-year-old Dunedin student, was seeking for something to do.

With the help of her mother Suz, she began making soap with coffee grounds from her father Jay’s business, The Daily Coffee Co, on Princes St.

The grounds are dried for several days before being mixed with other ingredients to make the soap.

She said, “There are lots of grounds to select from.”

After making a few batches and determining that the venture may be viable, Jeantine began selling the soap online.

It was well-received, and orders began to flood in from all around the United States.

Jeantine observed, “They simply started rushing in from everywhere,” alluding to Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

The week after Alert Level 4 ended, she was making, packing, and distributing about 70 bars every day.

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The bars are dark brown in colour and have a white coating on top to represent milk, making them look like coffee.

According to Jeantine, businesses bought them as gifts for staff, while real estate salespeople bought them as gifts for home buyers.

The soap was also available at Bloomin Gorgeous in the North East Valley.

She had no clue her fledgeling business would expand to such proportions — “no, I didn’t anticipate we’d sell any,” she admitted — and she had plans for the future.

“Instead of only soap, I’d like to produce body washes and scrubs and sell them in other places,” she says.

It was “much better” than going to school for her to run her own company.

“I can’t wait to go home every day and begin creating soap,” says the soapmaker.

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