Discover Lavazza’s premium hotel coffee solutions

Lavazza is a fourth-generation coffee roaster run by a family. Lavazza, which was founded in Turin, Italy in 1895, shares your enthusiasm for hospitality, food service, and the high-end experience. Lavazza provides you the right coffee option for in-room relaxation, conferencing, eating, or watching the world go by by delivering a global brand with the whole hotel portfolio.

From commercial machinery to in-room and breakfast-bar basics, including tea and hot chocolate, you’ll find custom-made options. Lavazza’s extensive portfolio checks all the boxes for hotels.

Coffee experience that is consistent and of great quality

We source our coffee from the greatest growing regions across the globe. As a result, a unique portfolio of coffee blends and formats for all hotel coffee occasions has been created. The coffee is roasted using cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your guests have a wonderful and consistent coffee experience every time they visit.

The perfect in-room coffee is Lavazza BLUE Closed Capsule System.

The Lavazza BLUE series combines closed capsule technology with 12 carefully selected mixes, including “double” capsules, to create a unique experience. This gives hotel guests a premium in-room experience while also giving you peace of mind knowing the coffee capsules will not work in household coffee makers.

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