This Beautiful Coffee Maker Has the Ultimate Stamp of Approval

Purchasing a new coffee maker is a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, the Specialty Coffee Association (or SCA) maintains a list of certified home brewers that the association considers to be the finest of the best, which can help you separate the poor from the good. With the latest certification of the Ratio Six coffee maker, it now has a total of 31 brewers on its list.

What Makes This the Best Coffee Maker?
The Ratio Six is a slimline brewer that, with the push of a button, virtually recreates the pour-over brewing process. The water flow has been designed to evenly soak the coffee grinds while releasing just enough water to perfect the bloom and brew stages. The Ratio Six brews up to 40 ounces of coffee, which keeps warm in the brewer’s thermal carafe for up to an hour. The Six is supposed to be used with a flat-bottomed coffee filter, but it can be replaced with a conical filter, which comes with the more expensive Ratio Eight, or you may remove everything and brew directly into a Chemex without the laborious work.

The water head on the Ratio Six promotes uniform water distribution, ensuring evenly saturated coffee grounds. Apart from its unique characteristics, the Ratio Six checks all of the SCA’s requirements for a certified home brewer. It passes the SCA Golden Cup brewing test, to be specific. A Golden Cup produces a cup of coffee with a coffee-to-water ratio of 55 grammes per litre, and it does so with a 10% margin of error while using water boiled between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. (See this page for a more full explanation of what a SCA Golden Cup is.)

Putting all of the coffee jargon aside, the Ratio Six is a stunning coffee machine. Ratio has been on a mission to create coffee makers that not only make amazing coffee but also combine beauty, simplicity, and quality since 2012, and the Six is proof that the firm has succeeded.

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