The sustainable trainers brand that uses coffee waste and recycled plastic to make its sustainable sneakers

It began with a cup of coffee. Son Chu, my co-founder, and I met in a coffee shop and decided to collaborate on the creation of a pair of sustainable sneakers. After months of experimenting with various materials, we discovered an innovative coffee yarn with a slew of cool features. It turns out that the location of our meeting was prophetic.

Rens was launched on Kickstarter and quickly became the most successful campaign in Finland and the Nordics, raising over €500,000 from over 5,000 customers in over 100 countries.

How has Covid-19 impacted you personally?
Our production was delayed and logistics were severely disrupted as a result of shipping delays, while costs increased as a result of the lack of transportation. However, due to the dedication of the entire team, we were able to weather the storm and expand the brand’s global presence via our own website and Zalando.

How has the pandemic affected people’s shopping and dressing habits?
We spent more time alone and online, perusing stores. We now have a greater appreciation for clothing that is both comfortable and well-made. We abandoned suiting in favour of more casual loungewear or “athleisure” attire.

Additionally, we pay more attention to how our clothing and shoes are made, examining the materials, functions, and, most importantly, whether they were produced sustainably. People seek out pre-owned items at thrift stores, and sustainability continues to be a hot topic.

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