​Sustainable coffee: inside and out

Australians adore coffee, whether they’re sipping it in a cafe, watching a friend proudly make you a latte on their ‘new’ machine, or ordering coffee pods to brew their favourite blends at home.

Consumers’ purchasing habits have also evolved, and they now expect more from their coffee. Coffee must be sustainable on all levels, beginning with its cultivation, sourcing, staffing, manufacturing, and, more recently, packaging.

Coffee packaging must possess all of the necessary functional barrier properties to ensure optimal freshness and shelf life, as well as be airtight, protect from sunlight, and be durable, all while minimising environmental impact.

SIPP Instant, Melbourne Coffee, and PodPress Capsule System are three innovative coffee packaging designs that stood out at the 2021 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) awards.

SIPP Instant has developed a product that is distinct from the conventional instant coffee category. The organic and Fairtrade product contains probiotics that are resistant to heat, complex healthy carbohydrates that release energy slowly, and freeze-dried Columbian coffee.

The company’s new packaging was created to enhance the brand’s functionality and includes an ABA-certified biodegradable internal film. The primary cellulose component is a renewable raw material derived from South American eucalyptus trees. The exterior cardboard packaging is made entirely of recycled cardboard and non-toxic inks. To pique the customer’s interest, the cardboard box includes a window that displays the product and the compostable film inside. Each panel of the box serves a purpose: it contains instructions/procedures for manufacturing the product; it contains information about the product’s health benefits and ingredients; and it contains messaging about the company’s sustainable practises.

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