Bizarre new TikTok craze: Why drinking ‘lemon coffee’ won’t help you lose weight

Not long ago, the internet was taken over by the lemon and hot water craze.

Simply adding a squeeze of lemon to your morning water has been hailed as a magical potion for weight loss, cleansing, and “detoxifying” your entire body.

However, a new liquid detox craze is sweeping social media – lemon coffee.

According to the creators of TikTok, adding lemon juice to a cup of black coffee in the morning creates a “fat-burning elixir,” but what do the experts say?

“No, adding lemon juice to coffee does not aid in weight loss in any way,” registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert told Metro UK.

Is the hype surrounding these viral TikTok’recipes’ justified? Lambert stated that the majority of the drink’s benefits are likely derived from the water.

“Lemon juice contains nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants, but the amount contained in a typical drink (e.g. 1-2tsp) is far insufficient to justify any claims and is highly unlikely to have any effect on your weight.”

Adults require approximately 40mg of vitamin C per day, but a slice of lemon contains only about 1mg.

“You should be able to obtain all of the vitamin C you require through a varied and balanced diet,” Lambert said.

“Essentially, it boils down to personal preference. If you enjoy lemon in your coffee, go ahead and try it, but don’t expect miracles.”

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