Woman Discovers Dog Is Sneakily Drinking Her Coffee Every Time She Leaves the Room

A woman’s suspicion that her dog was secretly drinking her coffee was confirmed in a recent viral video with over 16.2 million views.

We can see the pet owner relaxing in her living room in the clip shared to TikTok by a woman named Chloe, also known on the app as Chloealiya1.

“I have a strong suspicion that my dog drinks my coffee every time I leave the room,” she tells the camera.

She then picks up her short-haired Dachshund and places him on the sofa alongside her mug of coffee on the side table.

“Okay, I’m leaving. I’m going to leave you here. I will return, she says. The pet can then be seen looking around the room, as if attempting to make sense of the situation, as a circus-style instrumental plays.

Once the door is shut and it appears as though the coast is clear, the adorable dog climbs onto the arm of the sofa and leans over to use his tongue to lap up some of the coffee.

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