Alabama home to one of the worst coffee cities in the country

It’s probably unsurprising that Seattle ranks as the best coffee city in the country, at least according to a new ranking. However, where are the worst locations? It turns out that the same analysis indicates that one of those locations is in Alabama. examined America’s top 150 cities and the number of coffee-related business establishments, which include coffee shops, mobile coffee businesses, and roasters. They then ranked each city based on the number of independent, locally owned businesses per square mile of land area and the percentage of independent coffee businesses in the city. The cities with the highest overall rankings have been designated as the best coffee cities in America.

The top ten coffee cities were as follows:

Seattle is number one.

San Francisco, California

3. Portland, Oregon

Oakland, California (4)


Minneapolis No. 6

Tacoma, Washington (7)


Saint Paul, Minnesota 9.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Seattle has approximately 22,000 coffeehouses – not including the approximately 15,000 Starbucks locations. Other locations – including one in Alabama – do not offer coffee lovers the same luxury.

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