World barista champion’s essential tips for making perfect espresso coffee at home

Melbourne recently crowned Australian Anthony Douglas the 2022 World Barista Champion.

He explains how to prepare a world-class espresso shot.

Follow the recipe “Always a wise decision. Invest in a cheap set of scales so you can measure the amount of coffee you’re putting in, the amount of coffee you’re getting out, and your contact time.

If you purchase your coffee from a local roaster, for example, you can ask them for a recipe and they will be able to assist you.

Once coffee has been ground, it tends to go stale and degas very quickly.

Purchase premium coffee
“This may seem obvious, but if you buy coffee from the supermarket, you probably won’t get as good of results as if you purchased coffee from a reputable roaster. Ensure you are working with high-quality raw materials.”

Follow the flow
“Much of the quality of coffee is derived from water flowing evenly through the coffee bed. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to enroll in a course to learn the fundamentals of dosing and distribution. So, how the coffee is actually loaded into the handle and how it is settled. It must be perfectly level, and you are preparing an even bed to ensure that water flows through evenly.”

Get scientific about dosing”

You should ensure that you dose the coffee into the basket as evenly as possible. Therefore, if you’re dosing directly from a grinder, you should be dosing a small pyramid in the center, a nice, even mound that is not too close to one side. That will position you to effectively distribute the coffee.

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