Warning after counterfeit Nestlé coffee found in Germany

In Germany, a counterfeit version of Nestlé-branded coffee was discovered on the market. It may contain foreign objects.

According to Nestlé Deutschland, the product was packaged in a glass jar resembling an older version of Nescafé Gold. Additionally, there are concerns that it may contain shattered glass and plastic.

The food company stated that it did not manufacture or distribute the allegedly tainted product and that it had not used this particular shape of glass for Nescafé Gold in years and that it is no longer commercially available.

While it is known that the counterfeit product was sold at weekly markets and smaller shops, other details about the incident remain unknown. It is identified by the EAN code 405500210900, the batch number 60820814B1 9:15, and the best before date of 10-21.

Individuals who have purchased a counterfeit pack are urged to contact the police and refrain from drinking the coffee.

Nestlé has contacted the appropriate authorities and pleaded with them to conduct an investigation and put an end to the fraud.

“We are appalled by this criminal activity and strongly condemn the illegal counterfeiting and marketing of our brand. Our first priority is the quality and safety of our products,” the company stated in a statement.

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