The best gifts for the coffee nerd in your life

Why not encourage your friends and family to broaden their coffee horizons this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of the best coffee nerd gifts available this holiday season, including options for brewing, drinking, and more. And if your special someone isn’t a coffee drinker, we have gifts that will work just as well for tea drinkers.

The Aeropress is a convenient way to make a single cup of coffee at home with a small apparatus that takes up little cabinet space. It’s a versatile brewer that allows for on-the-fly experimentation with different brewing times and strengths. When I forget to make cold brew, I like to use it to brew a double-strength cup directly over ice. The Aeropress is an excellent gift for the coffee nerd on your list who already has a regular setup. Additionally, the Aeropress Go is more compact. It nestles neatly inside a cup that can be used to brew directly, making it ideal for camping and travel. — Senior News Editor, Billy Steele

Items for the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide include the Adagio Simpliccitea starter set.
While Adagio Coffee is not everyone’s prefered caffeinated beverage, Adagio’s Simplicitea starter set is a thoughtful gift for the tea enthusiast in your life. It includes a 12-ounce Borosilicate glass teapot with a stainless steel lid and mesh rim that enables them to brew loose leaf tea and pour from the same vessel. Additionally, you can select the type of tea they prefer — black, green, herbal, or a blend of best-sellers — to accompany the new pot. While serious tea connoisseurs are likely to already have their prefered brewing tools, this set is an excellent option for anyone looking to branch out from traditional tea bags and dabble in the world of loose leaf tea. — Valentina Palladino, Editor-in-Chief of Commerce

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