How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee at Home

Numerous people incorporate a visit to the coffee shop into their daily routine. The variety of flavours and options — as well as the fact that you are not required to make the coffee yourself — may appeal to those on the go.

However, creating your own version of that high-quality, high-taste brew can be especially satisfying and allow you to save money. While single-serve coffee systems and touch-screen espresso machines have made it easier than ever to brew your own high-quality cups, more people are opting for a more intimate relationship with their morning coffee.

These coffee connoisseurs value ritual over routine and elevate coffee consumption to an epicurean endeavour without the use of fancy machines.

Although traditional coffee consumption has decreased by 10%, the National Coffee Association reports that coffee drinkers aged 60 and older are twice as likely to consume it as those aged 18 to 24.

“There is a strong emphasis on flavour, on coffee’s ability to taste not just like coffee but rather a much broader range of culinary flavours and experiences,” says Jordan Michelman, coauthor of The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone and cofounder of Sprudge, a website devoted to coffee culture.

The fundamentals of home coffee
The ingredients for a great cup of coffee are straightforward: water, ground coffee, and a brewing device. The remainder of the equation is determined by variables such as water temperature, grounds-to-water ratio, and extraction time. Slow brewing gives you the ability to control these variables in ways that a Keurig does not.

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