Sugar shock at popular coffee chains; Sparkling water concerns; CBC’s Marketplace Cheat Sheet

Certain Starbucks, McCafe, and Tim Hortons beverages contain an alarming amount of sugar.

If you include a stop at one of these coffee shops in your morning routine, prepare for some sugar shock.

Marketplace examined online nutrition information for popular drinks available at McCafe, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons and discovered that beverages — even those that appear healthy, such as a fruit smoothie or matcha tea latte — contain shocking amounts of sugar.

“I believe that people are addicted to sugar, which is causing a health crisis,” said hepatologist and gastroenterologist Dr. Supriya Joshi, who believes that the majority of people are unaware of the amount of sugar in their daily dose of caffeine.

Sugar levels are shockingly high in some popular coffee chain beverages, even those that appear to be healthier; lab tests reveal which sparkling water beverages may be harmful to your teeth.

Everything we eat and drink has a pH value; the lower the pH value, the more acidic the substance. Acidic foods and beverages can be harmful to your teeth because they can erode the enamel (the outer, protective layer of your teeth).

According to the Canadian Dental Association, people should avoid certain carbonated water drinks because their “higher acid content significantly increases the risk of tooth enamel damage and can result in enamel erosion and tooth decay.”

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