Jacksonville woman turns 100, says secret to longevity is coffee

On Monday, a Jacksonville woman will celebrate her 100th birthday. What is her secret to longevity? Maintaining an active lifestyle and drinking coffee, she says.

Eva Hutto was born in Waycross on November 15, 1921, according to her friend Kelli. In 1942, she relocated to Jacksonville.

“She is the adoring mother of four children, seven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, with the eighth on the way,” Kelli explains. “Her longevity secret is to maintain an active lifestyle, to take care of one’s health, and to drink coffee.”

Hutto prefers her coffee black, without cream or sugar, but she does enjoy her favourite sweets, cake and cookies. Additionally, she adores bacon!

“She’s vivacious and has a good sense of humour,” Kelli observed. “She takes pleasure in her photographs, memories, and flowers.”

According to Kelli, she has known Hutto for 56 years. They met at church, and Hutto has organised Kelli’s wedding, my bridal shower, and my baby shower.

Kelli adds that Hutto also assisted her in coping with her mother’s death.

“Many thanks for recognising her! She means a great deal to both me and her family! She is deserving of everyone knowing how unique she is.”

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