Jamie Oliver Is Rocking Instagram’s World With This Coffee Negroni

It’s the holiday season, and Jamie Oliver understands that people occasionally want to unwind, unwind, and enjoy a cocktail. This may be especially true at this time of year. According to MarketWatch, VitalSmarts conducted a survey and discovered that 56% of respondents felt overwhelmed by “just keeping up” with everything the holiday season entails. Another 20% of respondents indicated that they have a shorter fuse and are more irritable during the holiday gift-giving and party season. Oliver and his liquid concoction enter the fray.

The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share his recipe for a coffee Negroni, which has people salivating. Are you unfamiliar with this alcoholic beverage? According to MyRecipes, the coffee Negroni is a more sophisticated version of the Red Bull and vodka cocktail that many of us drank during late-night outings as college-aged adults. The coffee Negroni retains the same basic ingredients – caffeine and alcohol – but adds the fruitiness of Campari and the texture of coffee. It sounds like the ideal adult beverage, and “The Naked Chef” is showing you how to make your own. Additionally, with the holidays approaching, you’ll have something to drink after basting the turkey, baking pumpkin and pecan pies, and entertaining family and friends. Is Oliver’s recipe truly amazing? Instagram appears to believe so.

Jamie Oliver shared the following on Instagram: “Time for a coffee negroni!! From my brand new book, ‘Together,’ which includes an entire chapter on cocktails, including this one!! ‘The Cocktail Wonderland’. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone.” Oliver creates a cocktail with gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, as well as limoncello and coffee. It’s fascinating to watch him combine the alcohol and brew the coffee before combining them all and pouring this cocktail into an ice-filled glass. He also urged followers to include his book on their Christmas shopping lists as they prepare for Black Friday.

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