Are you a cappuccino or an espresso? We break down your coffee personality for you

Are you unable to begin your day without a cup of coffee? We understand.

When served as a dessert, a warm mug of the beverage not only provides a much-needed boost for the day, but also satisfies hunger pangs. To make the incredible Italian dessert known as affogato, all you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and freshly brewed espresso.

The majority of you prepare or order your favourite coffee without thinking about it and have been doing so for years. Have you ever wondered why you prefer one brand of coffee over another?

It’s similar to the adage “you are what you eat.” Only here, the coffee you select for yourself reveals a great deal about your personality, your preferences and dislikes, and much more. And apparently, numerous studies have been conducted on the various facets of one’s personality that are influenced by the type of coffee consumed.

According to a study published by People, “cold coffee drinkers are more likely to spend their time on Instagram (27%), while hot coffee drinkers are more likely to spend their time on Facebook (35%).”

Additionally, the same study asserts that “those who prefer cold brew and iced coffee are more likely to prefer sunny weather (40%) and binge-watch science fiction shows (37%), as well as being members of the Gen-Z crowd (40%).”

Another study sheds light on a variety of critical behavioural traits as a result of your coffee preference. How will you react when confronted with adversity? Are you a laid-back type or do you prefer to have complete control over every detail? Are you impatient, or do you have a natural ability to be patient? Are you an introvert or an extrovert, and how effective are you as a leader?

Thus, whether you prefer black coffee or a flat-white, a seasoned barista can probably tell a lot about you simply by looking at your coffee preferences. Intrigued?

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