Iced Coffee With Avocado Is the Most Delicious Way To Boost Your A.M. Energy

Avocado enhances the flavour of virtually anything: Hashbrowns and eggs, enchiladas, grain bowls, and chili…tell me that generous slices of the creamy fruit do not enhance the flavour of all of these dishes. However, how about adding avocado to your coffee? It’s a trend that’s gaining traction on social media, and chefs and dietitians alike are on board.
Avocado and coffee are not new ingredients. In parts of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the combination has long been a popular drink. There, it is referred to as es alpukat and is typically served iced. “Es alpukat is typically prepared by scraping avocado flesh into a glass and squeezing it roughly with the back of a spoon. Following that, condensed milk, sugar syrup, crushed ice, and occasionally coffee or chocolate syrup are added “According to Patricia Tanumihardja, an Indonesian-born and Singapore-raised food writer. “These days, you can also order avocado shakes or smoothies called jus alpukat, which are popular at boba tea shops in the United States.”

Tanumihardja, the author of four cookbooks, including Farm to Table Asian Secrets—Vegan and Vegetarian Full-Flavored Recipes for Every Season ($13), says es alpukat can be eaten at any time of day, with or without a meal. “You don’t even need a blender unless you want the texture of a smooth shake,” she explains. Additionally, it is customizable. Tanumihardja notes that coconut milk works just as well in place of condensed milk; it will retain the same rich, creamy texture. You can also substitute coconut sugar for the white sugar; Tanumihardja claims it imparts a caramel flavour. “Occasionally, I incorporate young coconut flesh and jackfruit. Then it is transformed into another beverage known as es teler! “she asserts.

According to registered dietitian Asako Miyashita, RD, es alpukat, or iced avocado, also has nutritional benefits. As avo lovers are already aware, the fruit is nutritionally dense, containing fibre, antioxidants, and vitamin E. (which is good for the skin). “Avocado has a low glycemic index, which means it contains carbs that take the body longer to digest than foods with a high glycemic index,” Miyashita adds. This means that it will not cause a blood sugar spike. All of these benefits combine to make es alpukat an excellent morning beverage. The caffeine in the coffee combined with the fibre and healthy fats in the avocado provides an energy boost that is not followed by a crash.

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