L’affare shakes up Aotearoa’s coffee habits

L’affare is encouraging New Zealanders to “Embrace the Unknown” with new variants of its premium, limited-edition Roasters’ Cup range – teaming up with EightyOne and Storybox to create an abstract multisensory journey.

The new line of coffee includes Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit, which are the result of innovative coffee farmer collaborations.

Reflecting both the boundary-pushing nature of the product and the playful, eclectic nature of the L’affare brand, a campaign was designed to reward individuals for embracing their curiosity and heighten their senses for an exclusive tasting session.

A multi-media guerrilla campaign surrounded the creative and culinary community of Wellington. Sensory DM to select influencers, special build sensory and tactile outdoor, a partnership with Radio Active as well as a bespoke website and eDM conversation let people know about the forthcoming release of Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit.

The campaign worked to generate intrigue and establish hints for these new products without ever revealing their identities. Those willing to “Embrace the Unknown” had a memorable experience with the unique texture of each product.

Post-event, the stories behind the new coffees were revealed, brand codes were introduced into select retail locations, and trial was stimulated by amplifying influencer voices and utilizing targeted video content, digital media, and social media.

EightyOne ECD Chris Bleackley remarked, “A fantastic opportunity to collaborate with a client who desired to push the envelope. I’m still unsure of its meaning, but I adore it.”

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