Starbucks Unionized Baristas Plan Largest-Ever Strike for Red Cup Day

Starbucks baristas are planning their largest strike yet, accusing the company of refusing to fairly negotiate at cafes that voted to organize. The strike is set to occur on Thursday, with thousands of employees at hundreds of sites planning one-day work stoppages. Starbucks Workers United claims that Starbucks has illegally refused to negotiate in good faith over issues such as staffing and scheduling during Red Cup Day promotions. The union has prevailed in elections at over 350 of Starbucks’ US stores, but none have reached a collective bargaining agreement. The US National Labor Relations Board has issued over 100 complaints against Starbucks, alleging illegal anti-union tactics, closing stores, firing activists, and refusing to fairly negotiate at unionized cafes. The union has sought to deploy other forms of pressure, including outreach to politicians, customers, and university students.

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