Korean’s Beloved Instant Coffee Mix Finds Its Place on Global Stage

In Disney+’s “Moving,” instant coffee plays a recurring role in character development and historical context. The introduction of three-in-one coffee mixes in the late ’90s replaced the traditional Korean ritual of preparing a cup of coffee. Korean dramas have a history of featuring instant coffee mixes, subtly chronicling their evolution and significance in society. The inclusion of instant coffee in K-dramas and films mirrors its growing popularity and export as Korean contents reach a wider global audience via streaming services. Korean coffee mix exports rose 4.7% to $336.19 million in 2022. Despite the rise of freshly-brewed coffee and cafe culture, instant coffee mix remains a mainstay in the average Korean office pantry.

Korean instant coffee mix has expanded beyond borders, with Dongsuh Foods, Ediya Coffee, and KimlyParc gaining market share. Dongsuh Foods, a joint venture with Mondelez International, only sells Maxim-branded products in Korea, while Ediya Coffee exports instant coffee mix to 19 countries and regions. Ediya’s instant coffee mix now constitutes a significant portion of overseas sales, driven by the Korean wave. KimlyParc, an instant coffee brand named after the three most common Korean surnames, aims to share the rich taste and culture of Korea with coffee lovers worldwide.

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