Andrea Illy Speaks on Creating the Perfect Coffee, Sustainability and Farming

GEI hosted a breakfast panel at the Racquet & Tennis Club in New York, where Andrea Illy, Chairman of Illycaffe S.p.A, discussed the coffee creation process and supply chain dynamics. Illycaffe, a family-founded coffee business, is one of the global leaders in coffee bean purchasing and production, emphasizing quality. The company has been pioneering direct purchasing since 1991, purchasing directly from farmers supplying the highest quality produce. In the last decade, Illy has established a network of trusted sellers and a “Coffee University” to teach farmers the best farming practices and train individuals to be professional baristas. Illy’s passion for the intricacies of his product is evident, and he compares making the perfect coffee to making a souffle. With 30+ locations across the U.S., Illy faces a dilemma in expanding into the North American market while maintaining its mission of creating the best coffee in the world.

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