Hawaiʻi Island company offers first locally-produced biodegradable coffee bags

A company on Hawaii’s Big Island is developing what it claims is the world’s first locally produced biodegradable coffee bag.

Big Island Coffee Roasters has packaged Hawaiian-grown coffee in a compostable single-serve pouch resembling a teabag. The bags require only hot water to operate.

The company partnered with Steeped Coffee to create compostable single-serve coffee bags.

Kelleigh Stewart, co-founder of Big Island Coffee Roasters, hopes to convert users of K-Cup and pod coffee to a more sustainable source.

“We also hope to attract hotels, travellers, and campers, as well as people who come to experience our breathtaking scenery,” Stewart adds.

The coffee bags are available in two roasts: dark roast Kona and medium roast 100% Hawaiian blend.

Stewart compares the taste to that of a French press brew, which also immerses coffee grounds in hot water.

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