Everything We Know About Dunkin’s 2021 Holiday Drink Menu

If there is one thing that coffee chain fans and rewards members take extremely seriously, it is the release of seasonal beverages. However, pumpkin spice season has concluded and the holiday beverage menu has already been launched. Dunkin’, according to a press release, launched its seasonal holiday beverages on November 3rd — one day ahead of Starbucks.

However, Dunkin’ fans will discover more than just their signature, timeless flavour. The chain has expanded its beverage selection and even introduced new snacks. Best of all, Dunkin’ will benefit children facing adversity such as hunger or illness. Donors to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation will receive a dollar off a dozen donuts. That’s a lot to celebrate, and even more to pack into a festively decorated cup.

Therefore, prepare your taste buds for the season by visiting your local Dunkin’ now that the holiday menu is available. With so many new flavours to try, you’re likely to want to visit your favourite coffee chain several times to sample them all.

Drinks and treats are returning to Dunkin’ Donuts’ holiday menu Twitter
The peppermint mocha, a holiday tradition, is returning to Dunkin’ as the season’s signature latte. The drink is topped with whipped cream, a mocha drizzle, and a dusting of cocoa powder, just as it was last year. Apart from the signature peppermint mocha latte, the remaining holiday flavours are all new additions to the menu.

Regrettably, those who adored the signature gingerbread latte will be disappointed to learn that it will not be available again this year. Clearly, the sugar plum macchiato was a flop last year as well, as it isn’t available this year. Apart from the lovely purple colour, it did not receive the best reviews (via DBK News). Regardless, the holiday beverage menu did not include the berry and vanilla-flavored coffee drink this year.

The chai oat milk latte, which was introduced last year, has been added to the standard menu. Thus, you can still rely on at least one drink from last year.

Fortunately, when ordering at Dunkin’, there are plenty of new holiday flavours to look forwards to. This includes the new Holiday Blend Coffee, which is part of a limited batch series combining Colombian and Ethiopian coffees with molasses and dried fruit notes.

The toasted white chocolate signature latte is the first new flavour to the Dunkin’ holiday menu this year. This decadent latte is flavoured with rich, creamy white chocolate and topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. White mocha hot chocolate is the second flavour. This version of the classic beverage is a thick and creamy milk chocolate beverage that has been spiked with white chocolate for an even sweeter indulgence.

Therefore, begin by considering which beverage you’d like to try first. They’re already on the menu at your neighbourhood Dunkin’ Donuts.

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