Free coffee to encourage Victorian drivers to take breaks on the road

Roadside stops with free barista-made coffee, deckchairs, and games will be set up along major Victorian routes during the holidays as part of the government’s effort to combat driver fatigue.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) will administer the ‘Pause Stops’ programme after determining that drowsy driving was responsible for between 16 and 20% of all fatalities on Victorian roads.
According to research, being awake for 17 hours has the same effect on a driver’s ability as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05.

At the road stops, free barista-made coffee will be available. (Nine)
Going 24 hours without sleep has the same effect as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1, which is double the legal limit.

On December 26, December 27, and January 3, the TAC will establish ‘Pause Stops’ along several major routes, including Marong near Bendigo and Bungalally on the way to Gippsland.

The roadside stops will offer complimentary barista-brewed coffee, deck chairs for 15-minute power naps, and games and activity packs to keep children entertained while parents relax.

Several of the roadside stops will also feature stalls from local businesses to aid towns in their recovery following a period of low tourism.

Drivers are urged to stay well-rested, plan their trips in advance, and take two-hour breaks.
Victorians have been warned not to let the excitement of being able to travel following COVID-19 restrictions distract them from the dangers of driving long distances.

“This holiday season, the best present you can give your loved ones is your presence.”
TAC CEO Joe Calafiore has urged drivers to take their time on the road.

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