Cocktail Porter’s DIY Gelato Messina Dulce de Leche Espresso Martini Kits Are Back for Summer

Prefer a Nutella-esque spin to your espresso martinis? The Messina chocolate-hazelnut espresso martini kit includes chocolate-hazelnut spread, vodka, espresso, and Baileys. The package also includes Ferrero Rochers for you to crush and use as a garnish.

Once the kits arrive, simply follow the instructions and begin drinking. Regardless of the variety, you can choose between two different pack sizes. A small dulce de leche kit costs $85 and makes six dessert cocktails, while the large kit costs $149 and makes 18 dessert cocktails. With the choc-hazelnut, the six-drink and sixteen-drink packages cost $80 and $145, respectively.

Cocktail Porter delivers throughout Australia, so your summer drinking plans are sorted. You can also sign up for a subscription that will deliver a new kit to your door every month.

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