A Pilot Is Going Viral for Describing What Really Goes Into Airplane Coffee

Many fears and myths exist about the cleanliness of different parts of the airplane industry, including the tight bathroom space at the back. A swab test on a flight from Orlando to Cancun showed that the handle used to bring down the tray table in front of one’s seat is barely cleaner due to its frequent touch and being easy to miss by a worker in a rush to clean the plane quickly. A flight attendant and TikTok user named Kevin drew attention to a Reddit post asking flight attendants to share “dirty little secrets” from the industry.

The flight attendant on TikTok confirmed that he would not recommend drinking coffee on the plane but would arrive at the airport early enough to buy one at the terminal. He also mentioned that they have to get a little close to the toilet to clean out coffee pots. While there have been no news stories of this practice causing a massive infection to anyone as of yet, Kevin recommended those who are grossed out to steer clear of in-air coffee unless they double-check that the plane has a Nespresso machine or other such coffee maker (which can often be found in first class).

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