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InfographicFrozenBev2Welcome to Connecting the Dots – CT’s new column connecting our retailer and roaster readers to products, services, and ideas to grow their profits. With estimates of more than $9 billion dollars spent on this category in 2015, it was an easy decision where to start this new feature: Frozen/Iced Beverages.

CT surveyed 500 coffee-focused retailers about their current Frozen/Iced Beverages program and the results were enlightening: 80% of the retailers have some form of program in place and 69% have seen their sales and profits rise in this category! Even those with a program were also seeking help and ideas on how to improve their sales by adding new products and improving their marketing methods.

We all know everyone likes to cool down on sweltering days with a refreshing smoothie, cold-brew, or other frosty quencher, but it’s not just the hot days of summer that call for ice-cold drinks. Frozen beverages and cold drinks are a hot trend that is only getting hotter. In fact Frozen Beverages is one of the most profitable and fastest growing drink categories and helps to build slow time clientele. The key to increasing sales for both smoothies and other frozen beverages is offering a product that the consumer perceives as too difficult or not as good if prepared at home. Frozen Beverage Programs need not be a daunting or cost prohibitive endeavor. Many vendors offer complete set up and staff training with the product and equipment you need to get started. Some even provide point of sales materials and marketing suggestions. Frankly the more successful you are selling your product, the more product they sell. It is a win-win!

You can choose to make it personal to your own establishment by creating signature drinks and rotating the menu to incorporate local and in season products, and you can’t go wrong with jumping on the heath craze bandwagon where smoothies and blended drinks are concerned. There are delicious and nutritious pre-made boosts and supplements in a wide variety of health benefits from enhancing vitamins and protein intake to increasing your energy or curing a hangover.
Do your research and ask your vendor what they offer, and also do your research and find out what your customers desire. Offer samplings and take note of which were the most popular. Ask questions of your customers to see what their favorite flavors are and what health benefits they are looking for in a supplemented drink. Below are a few of the vendors who responded to our survey on their offerings.

15 Series
by Follett | (800) 523-9361
The 15 Series is perfect for an ice coffee program. Producing 125 pounds per day of ice in only 15” of width, it fits neatly on a coffee bar and provides sanitary dispensing of ice. The drainless design also gives retailers flexibility in where to locate their ice.

The Quiet One
by Vitamix | (800) 437-4654
Thanks to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities, The Quiet One from Vitamix is ideal for any front-of-the-house environment. The machine’s proven core technology ensures exceptional performance that is synonymous with Vitamix products. Six function settings and 34 optimized programs provide consistently superior beverage preparation and significantly improved speed of service.

by AC Beverage | (855) 456-3827
Until now, the only way to serve nitro coffee has been nitrogenating the keg first. The JoeTap is the only standalone delivery system that offers a plug-and-play, trouble-free solution to dispensing nitro coffee. With a 17″ footprint, the JoeTap offers a 3 step “Brew, Tap, Pour” solution.

Add a Scoop
by Juice Bar Solutions, Inc. | (415) 382-6535
Healthy Frozen Beverages = Healthy Profits.
68% of all US adults take dietary supplements (71% of women; 65% of men).
74% of US adults 55+ take dietary supplements.
Promote Health & Wellness (and your profits) by adding Add a Scoop supplements to your frozen beverages.

Blended Drink Mixes
by Frozenta |
(855) 752-3165
Frozenta products are crafted for all frozen blended Coffee and Tea beverages to offer the perfect combination of smooth and rich flavors to take your taste buds to a “Zen” place with each sip. They are thoughtfully selected to offer convenience and awesomeness for you and your customers and are shipped directly to you for FREE!

Costellini Smoothies
by Costellini | (877) 889-1866
New Products for Costellini’s Smoothies! New Mango Mambo, ‘Lets get movin!’ Banana, “Gets an A!” Strawberry, “Feel the shine!” Smoothies available in powder form. Delight your tastebuds year round with rich and creamy, shelf stable flavors, leaving more wiggle room for the baristas. Call for your samples today 877-889-1866.

Slushee-USA Frozen Drink Mix
by Merrill Beverage Inc | (951) 600-7222
Full service frozen beverage company. We sell, buy and service Frozen Drink Equipment. We can provide equipment to customers locally in Southern California. We also have a full line of products: Fruit Slushee, 100% Juice/No Added Sugar Slushee, Bar Mixes, Real Fruit Smoothie, and Frozen Cappuccino Mixes

Fruit Smoothie Mix
by Monin Gourmet Flavorings | (727) 461-3033
Made with only natural ingredients, Monin Fruit Smoothie Mixes offer ripe fruit flavors to consistently and easily make the tastiest fruit smoothies. Just pour over ice and blend. Available flavors include Mango, Peach, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, and Wildberry.

Sip & Dip Chocolate
by Frozen Bean Corp | (855) 837-6936
Frozen Bean, the food service industry’s leading manufacturer of specialty desserts and beverages, offers a wide range professional quality beverages, frozen desserts, and equipment programs at a lower cost including free product. Our blended beverages include a line of premium European style Sipping hot chocolate, served hot or cold.

by Blendtec | (800) 253-6383
“To drive business back in the afternoon, we focused on frozen coffee drinks requiring a blender. With pre-programmed cycles and one-touch system, the Blendtec® sets us apart and helps us keep our promise to customers to serve a quality beverage every time.” – Wayne Bone, District Manager at Peet’s Coffee

Zodiac Frozen Beverage Mix
by National Fruit Flavor Co., Inc. | (800) 966-1123
With 94 years in the business of manufacturing beverage flavors, syrups, and mixes we offer a wide variety of flavors and packaging for your frozen beverage program.

Frappe Mixes
by Cappuccine | (800) 511-3127
Cappuccine was the first to invent an all-in-one powdered frappe mix nearly 20 years ago and now offers over 30 unique flavors. Our award-winning frappe mixes can be used as stand-alone flavors or base mixes to blend the richest, most delicious frappe drinks.

Frozen Beverage Dispenser – Model A118
by Stoelting Foodservice|
(920) 894-5626
The latest in the Stoelting Frozen Beverage Line, the A118, will be unveiled at NAFEM. This dispenser has a modern feel and small footprint, which saves valuable counter space while looking good. Additionally, it produces minimum noise and offers a push/pull handle, both adding to the convenience of this product.

Summer Ice Base
by PreGel AMERICA | (866) 977-3435
PreGel Summer Ice Base is a powdered neutral mix that only requires the addition of water to create a slushy base for granite, slushes and other frozen beverages.

by Zuma Beverages and | (919) 644-0111
Quality is important when developing a frozen beverage menu, which is why we have partnered with Zuma as a US master distributor. In the same way we approach our coffee, with the highest standards on taste and quality, Zuma has developed frappe mixes free from unnecessary artificial ingredients and GMOs.

Dr. Smoothie Organic Smoothies
by Dr. Smoothie Brands | (888) 466-9941
Dr. Smoothies Organic Smoothies are the only USDA organic certified smoothies available in the specialty coffee category. Advantages include 100% Fruit, No GMO, No pesticide residue, No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, No preservatives, Gluten free, Shelf stable and Sustainably farmed. Available in 6 delicious flavors.

Kidz Kreamz® Frappe Mixes
by Big Train® |
(800) 244-8724
Adults aren’t the only ones looking for frozen beverages. Many cafes forget about craveable kids-creations with on-trend flavors such as Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum, said Levi Andersen, beverage product specialist at Kerry. Big Train makes it easy to menu these nostalgic drinks with their line of Kidz Kreamz frappes.

DaVinci Gourmet Natural Smoothie Mixes
by DaVinci Gourmet | (800) 640-6779
The DaVinci Gourmet Natural Smoothie mixes provide baristas an easy way to meet the consumer demand for healthy beverages on the go, said Levi Andersen, beverage product specialist at Kerry. Add your café’s signature touch by incorporating fresh ingredients such as rolled oats, mint, cilantro, peppers or yogurt.

Since space does not allow all the vendors in this category, remember you can view a complete listing of vendors with their categories, phone numbers, and websites at

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