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Social ConnectionsAt just 8 years old, I remember my daughter struggling in school and hearing from her teachers that she just wasn’t a great student. I don’t think they were prepared for the response this momma gave them. I remember that very thing being told to me at that very age. Thank goodness a few years later my 5th grade teacher, Miss. Hovander, believed in actually teaching students and helping them find the joy in learning, rather than rote memory tasks that made my (then undiagnosed) ADHD batty. She taught me to be excited about learning and, most importantly, how to thirst for information and find it.

Well that year changed my life and I went on to be Valedictorian in high school, graduate college, etc. and start my business almost 28 years ago which became CoffeeTalk. So that year I stressed to the teachers that the goal for my kids, especially at this age, was to instill a good attitude toward learning and know how to find the resources they needed. With that, they can go anywhere. Of course my daughter too went on become a straight A student, graduate, and as of yesterday, was offered the job of her dreams in New Zealand.

The real success story here is that us “slow” kids were able to discover joy in the process of learning leading us to become outstanding problem-solvers who know how to find and utilize resources. So is owning a magazine my defining success? NO! It is yet another means to the real goal of success. I took some time recently to define what success really looks like. Though I thought it would be far more challenging, quiet space away from the buzz of the workday (yup a brief hospital stay gives you that special time), my definition of success quickly simmered to the surface: Connections.

Don’t get me wrong, basic profitability must come first. What I am talking about is success – that feeling when you go to sleep at night smiling because you know you did something important that day. And my important things are the connections I make with the people in coffee, and between the people in coffee.

When it comes right down to it, CoffeeTalk is simply a tool we all use to make connections!

CoffeeTalk is a tool that retailers use to learn new ways to grow their sales, introduce new products, and promote profitability. And it’s a tool that advertisers use to sell more of the products and services, a way for them to connect with their current customers and find new customers; it’s a way to promote profitability.

“I receive the emails daily and they are my first priority read when they arrive…my immediate interest is the Roaster/Retailer section…as an allied supplier to the coffee trade, this section gives me an fast first hand view of news in my sector…new shop openings, ownership changes, expansions, new and interesting twists on an old game which gives me a great opportunity to sell biscotti…I’ve earned the business of many shops I’ve “discovered” from your coverage, and was gratified to have posted a press release that subsequently became an article in a partner publication… so, I’m writing to say “thanx” for the business…wonderful seeing you at your expo booth, and please know that I take immense delight in your success in the trade…”
Craig Silbert & Karen Riley, Bucks County Biscotti Co.

“I’m pleased to inform you that All the information provided by CoffeeTalk are a big help & great way to do business,” John Marza

“STL Coffee Fest 2014 was my first encounter with Coffee Talk. I love the informative articles as well as the vendors that advertise. It’s great to see the fresh ideas for the coffee and tea industry. Thanks for the great format.”

“The May edition of CT looks Great! Terrific colors on the front cover grabbed my attention, (considering someone in my office had it on THEIR desk)! You continue to put out an industry pub that is so superior to all others – I am glad to be a part of it!” Don Scherer

“Congratulations on putting together a very noteworthy edition. You are right about one thing…no matter how long one is in this industry, there is always something new to learn. Thanks.” Pete Tullio, CEO Gourmet Coffee Service and Chairman of the Board NAMA

It is comments like these that give me that smile at the end of the evening and the energy to meet another deadline. It is knowing that I help people find the resources they need to succeed, even just one person at a time. That is my joy, my success.

Real success –what does it mean to you?

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