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Coffee has immense potential to make a lasting global impact.  Whether it is a farmer’s livelihood or a simple cup of motivation, coffee is vital to people from all places and walks of life.  This is why we want to use coffee as a medium for change.  Many of us in the coffee industry know about the struggles of coffee farmers.  At Three Tree Coffee Roasters, we strive to take care of our farmers by partnering with organizations, such as: Fair Trade USA, Cafe Femenino, and Thrive Farmers.  As we grow, we hope to form direct trade relationships through which we can establish initiatives catered to a specific community’s needs.  But why stop at the coffee farmer, who in many instances can be considered a labor trafficking victim?  We want to see ALL victims of ALL types of slavery set free.  This is why we are opening a coffee shop to go along with our roasting operation.  Coffee shops attract people from all walks of life around a drink.  We hope to take advantage of this opportunity to spread awareness about human trafficking through fundraiser events and by partnering with local and international organizations.  We don’t want to re-create the wheel.  Instead, we want to pull the good wheels together to start a movement.

A tree is a source of life in many ways.  By selling artisan-roasted specialty coffee, we want to give life in 3 ways: empower our farmers, end human trafficking, and engage our community.  We are already making an impact in the coffee industry and the trafficking industry through our roasting operations.  This coffee shop will expand the reach of our mission and the level of our impact by giving us more interaction with our community.  This will provide an avenue to spread awareness about human trafficking, which is vital to seeing an end to this injustice.  On a lighter note, this coffee shop will also introduce a blossoming community to specialty coffee.  Statesboro, GA is home to Georgia Southern University, one of the fastest growing universities in the southeast United States.  This community is primed to make a global impact and eager for a unique coffee experience.

Readers can help by
The premise of our project is community.  Our world (macro-community) becomes a better place when our micro-communities partner together.  More so, our micro-communities thrive when they live selflessly.  That is why this project, in a strange way, is not just about those we are trying to help, but it is about you.  The coffee farmers need you. The trafficking victims need you.  And we are unashamed to say that we need YOU!  Please consider helping us in 3 ways:
1)     donate towards our project
2)     share our project with your friends (facebook, twitter, instagram)
3)     share our project and mission with organizations that have similar missions.

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Philip Klayman


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United States, Statesboro, GA

Project Impact:
Countless farmers, trafficking victims, and you.

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