Clean Cook Stoves in Uganda: Climate Change Mitigation with Health and Employment Benefits

Maama Vanessa_beforeProject Description
The Namanyonyi Cooperative in Uganda is an interfaith community of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish farmers who have put aside religious differences to produce a delicious coffee called “Delicious Peace.”

The Clean Cook stoves project was born out of a climate change mitigation initiative brought to Namanyonyi Cooperative in 2012.  The initiative began by planting trees. However, the trees were quickly devastated by the cooperative’s highly inefficient cooking methods.

The coop members knew that if they had more efficient ways to cook, they would lower their use of firewood. The clean cook stoves were the solution.

In the first phase of funding, we were able to provide clean cook stoves to the most disadvantaged cooperative members. The first 44 stoves were built for the elderly, families with children, and single-parent families.  This was complete by December of 2014.

The objective of phase I was to test the ability of the coop GM and staff to find local materials and train local craftsmen, creating ongoing jobs with a new Clean Cook Stove Trade or industry. Funds were generated by co-op board using their Fair Trade premium and by Thanksgiving Coffee Company’s sales rebate of $1.00/pkg. added to purchases by supporters of interfaith work.

With Phase I successfully completed, we now enter Phase II:  to complete the next 50 stoves for this year. It is our goal to continue to provide guidance and funding for a “smokeless kitchen” with a clean cook stove for every member of Namanyonyi Cooperative by the end of 2016.

Aisa Kainza_afterBenefits
As a result of the Clean Cook Stove project, the rate of deforestation has been curbed.  The newly planted trees can develop deep root systems which then allows the soil to become more fertile for food production as the trees bring up the water table.  This rich soil further strengthens the coffee trees and other food crops grown for subsistence.  This will improve food security for the area’s farmers by increasing the diversity of foods immediately available to farming families.

These stoves use 1/10 the fuel to produce a cooked meal, while the chimney directs smoke out of the kitchen, reducing the risks of respiratory disorders to all involved with the cooking.  They also reduce the risk of fire, given that the homes are made of dry banana fiber and grass-thatched roofs. This also lowers the chances of children getting burnt or even dying.

This project is designed to create a new indigenous industry. Over one million rural Ugandans use open fire kitchens in their highly flammable homes.

Utilizing local materials and local craftsmen, this project will become a model for future funders. The Clean Cook Stoves are part Health Benefit, and part Climate change Mitigation, while also providing new employment opportunities.  Scale will lower costs, increase the number of cook stoves builders, and form the basis of a new and healthier cultural norm.

Farida Wafidi_afterReaders can help by
By purchasing Delicious Peace Coffee at  Over the past decade we have built a large following of Churches, Mosques and Synagogues, plus hundreds of Delicious Peace Coffee buyers via our web store. We will fund this project with their help via coffee purchases of Delicious Peace Coffee. The Cooperative has dedicated the fair trade premium they receive from Thanksgiving Coffee to fund this this project, the project will be totally funded by rebates from the sales of the coops coffee at $.50 a package.

Project Contact:
Paul Katzeff


707-964-0118 ext 226

Project URL:

Clean Cookstoves in Uganda

Uganda, Foothills of Mt. Elgon, Mbale, Uganda

Project Impact:
Improving the quality of life for 140 Family Households of The Namanyonyi Coop, the local craftspeople that build them, and the communities’ future generations. The project is designed to complete one clean cook stove per day for 60 days, then begin preparation for the next 100 units.

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