Literacy for All

Project Description
A Heart for Guatemala’s literacy programs are in their third year, and we couldn’t be happier at the success we are having in tackling the high rates of illiteracy in Guatemala! In the last 3 1/2 years we have reached hundreds of families in the coffee-growing communities of the Western Highlands of Guatemala through programming, book donations, and curriculum development…but we still have a long way to go in helping every individual to be literate.

Funds raised for our Literacy for All project will be used for the following:

•    Expansion of the Women’s Education and Empowerment Program to two additional program sites
•    Purchase of book sets for preschool – teenage reading groups
•    Creation of a library for the Women’s Education and Empowerment program
•    Creation of libraries in elementary – high schools in coffee-growing communities
•    Launching of a Men’s Literacy Project

While not all have been given the opportunity to learn, we believe all deserve the opportunity to receive an education
•    Literacy gives economically disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to be successful both socially and economically in their local and global communities
•    Literacy creates personal empowerment
•    Literacy gives individuals the ability to make informed decisions
•    Literacy encourages active and passive participation in local and global community issues
•    Literacy increases political participation thus contributing to the quality of public policies and to democracy
•    Literacy contributes to improved health and longer life spans

Readers can help by
A Heart for Guatemala’s work is made possible through individuals, foundations, and corporations who support our mission for all individuals, regardless of age or social status, to be literate. We welcome anyone who is interested in supporting our projects to visit our website,, and make a gift that will enable us to provide literacy opportunities to thousands of families in the coffee-growing regions of Guatemala.

A Heart for Guatemala is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax-deductible as applicable by law.

Project Contact:
Bethany Davidson-Widby



Project URL:

Guatemala, Coffee Growing Communities in the Western Highlands

Project Impact:
Hundreds of families will be impacted with thousands of individuals being impacted overall.

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