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“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.
Richard Bach

Eight years, 200+ projects, and $8,000 of direct cash donations, 2015 marks our 8th Annual Making a Difference issue and I am full of hope. Each year CoffeeTalk invites coffee industry members to promote charitable projects by submitting information for a full-page profile. We edit and publish this annual guide to share with tens of thousands of industry readers globally. Three months later, we use web analytics to determine the project with the highest number of views and click-thru rate, and directly donate $1,000 to the winning project.

As you read about these projects, I hope you are inspired by the passion and vision of those involved, all connected through coffee. The issues addressed by these projects, though diverse, address common human issues: gender equality, poverty, hunger, health, climate change, and education. Each profile includes not only information on those impacted by the work, they also give specific ways that you can become involved. Below are just some of this year’s submitted projects:

•    Scholarships In Nicaragua
•    Bridging Agricultural Communities To Sustainability In Nicaragua
•    Bolaven Farms Crop Share Training Program
•    Clean Cook Stoves In Uganda: Climate Change Mitigation With Health And Employment Benefits
•    Earth’s Choice Women Of Coffee Micro Finance
•    Haiti Coffee: An Economic Development Proposal
•    The Roya Recovery & Food Sovereignty
•    Pathways To Literacy
•    Building Food-Secure Communities In Nicaragua
•    Healthy Women Play A Pivotal Role In The Future Of Coffee
•    Improving The Lives Of Small Farmers In Colombia
•    Santa Elena Kids And Families In Coffee
•    Brewing Change In Tea And Spice Growing Communities
•    Generations: Building Perspectives For Rural Youth In Trifinio
•    Crop And Community Improvement For The Village Of El Socorro De La Penitas, Honduras
•    Keeping Up In A Competitive Global Market Means Better Life For Coffee Farmers In Indonesia
•    Sustainable, Humane, And Organic Agriculture Movement (SHOAM)
•    The Chajulense Women’s Savings/Micro-Credit Project

Please, take a moment out of your busy day to explore the amazing work being done around our planet and then an extra moment to SHARE this link with your clients, coffee friends, and social media. Remember, the project with the most views will receive $1000 this fall.

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