Connecting the Dots

Cups, lids, sleeves, stickers, stir sticks, plugs oh my! Cold cups, hot cups, eco friendly cups, PET, PP, what’s the difference? Why should I care? Where does one start?

One reason to care is the fact that hot coffee lawsuits just keep coming. They may not be making mainstream news like the infamous McDonalds case of 1994, but they are out there. Improperly fitting lids and cups that can’t handle the high temperature of specialty coffee drinks just won’t do.

Another reason you should care is because you can use cups and sleeves to promote your brand, your café, even your very philosophy. Cup and sleeve companies have upped the game in creative branding these days.

And don’t forget your customer, because more and more consumers care. They care how the product was produced and whether it can be disposed of in an ecologically-minded manner. Several cities have already banned polystyrene and more are expected to follow suit citing environmental dangers, so if you are using foam products you better start shopping around for something new.

Where should you start? Cups and lids and all the other disposables that a coffee shop goes through every day seems like such a simple thing, a side thought, let’s get some cups and lids right? Not so fast. Not all cups and lids are created equal. Just ask our producers below. Start here.

Glass Travel Pint
by oneVessel | 206.763.0366
The glass pint was developed to offer customers an innovative alternative to the disposable cold cup. The glass is decorated and Made in the USA, and the Eastman Tritan(R) lid comfortably presses into the glass and seals using a silicone gasket. Buy them logoed, pre-decorated, or co-branded.

Dixie PerfecTouch(r) Insulated Cups
by Georgia-Pacific Professional | 866.435.5647
With Dixie PerfecTouch® cups, less is more. As major cities ban the use of polystyrene foam, PerfecTouch® cups provide insulation with no foam. Our cups use less material than sleeved paper or multi-wall cups and are made from renewable and recyclable materials. For both insulation and sustainability, choose PerfecTouch®.

uVu Lids
by First Quality Enterprises, Inc. | 561.674.9415
The safest hot lid on the market features a Double Inner Seal to keep the lid on securely and uVu Windows – four slots along the rim, which provide visual confirmation of a snug fit at just a glance. Call for free samples today: 561.674.9415

Tervis Coffee Lover Mug
by Tervis | 866.886.2537
Tervis, a family-owned company making insulated drinkware in America since 1946. Tervis drinkware keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, is dishwasher safe, comes in thousands of designs and has a Made for Life™ guarantee. Visit to shop and find a Tervis store or retailer near you.

InCycle Cup
by MicroGREEN | 650.492.0719
InCycle® Insulating cups are great because they work for both hot and cold; no sleeves needed. InCycle® cups don’t crack or leak and are top rack dishwasher safe. They are made from 50% post-consumer recycled PET. (#1 recycle code). Now available on Amazon by the sleeve or case.

The Airflow Cooling Lid
by Akiva Shapiro, Esq. Inventor | 347.435.6529
For the first time, the hot beverage consumer is empowered to simply, effectively, inexpensively, safely, and conveniently finally control the rate at which the liquid temperature decreases, thereby achieving a rapid and personalized optimal temperature for consumption.

Offero Coffee Cups & Glasses
by Offero, LLC | 303.298.0848
Our design is tailor made for the craft industries …. you want more aroma, you cup your hand behind your cup … With the Offero design that’s done ! For retail situations, where the cup is used, they fly off the shelves ! Drink Differently !

by Highwave | 800 highwav 800.444.4928
joBEER is like a smart phone for beverages. A tequila shot that doubles to make 18 ounce BEER colder “app.” as you drink when frozen. Ridges for COFFEE and silicone top also fits famous paper cups to “Save the Earth”, Dishwasher and Microwave safe Polypropylene and a straw for soda.

Reuse – Recycle – Repeat
by SUSTAIN, a brand of PMI | 206.441.1400
Reduce waste, extend your brand, and generate a new revenue stream. SUSTAIN exists to change consumer behavior by offering extremely affordable reusable coffee cups that are branded with your company’s logo. We offer our products at an unprecedentedly low price point so everyone can participate in reducing waste.

The Viora Lid
by Vaporpath, Inc. | 360.208.2747
Used by many of the top coffee retailers around the world, the Viora Lid drinks like you’re drinking out of a ceramic cup, lets you enjoy the aroma of your coffee or tea and offers better spill prevention. The Viora Lid is a lid worthy of what’s in your cup.

Mug in Poppy
by Fiesta Dinnerware | 909.744.2633
Fiesta Dinnerware debuted in1936 and is now among the most collected china in the US. Available in 15 colors, Fiesta is made in the USA, lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and ovenproof. Look for Fiesta dishes and licensed products like linens, flatware, and drinkware at retailers nationwide and

Waffle Lite Sleeves
by Double Team Media | 877.320.3880
Waffle Lite Sleeves are made of post consumer paper. They fit 10-24 oz paper hot cups and 12-24 oz clear plastic cold cups. They are pre-assembled, recyclable and reusable. 1,000 pcs/case. Custom print available.

Travel Mugs, Ceramics, Vacuum Bottles
by Coffee Shop Promos | 970.222.9559
Every coffee shop tells a story. Your customers want to take home a piece of that experience. Custom printed travel mugs and ceramic mugs are the perfect way for them to do that. We specialize in the latest and best selling drinkware trends.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated 16oz
by Klean Kanteen | 970.963.4873 x 129
Klean Kanteen creates eco-friendly, indestructible and long lasting products that offer an alternative solution to single use cups and bottles.

Simply Lids
by Simply Lids Inc. | 702.720.6757
With the Simply Lid, a liquid reservoir prevents spills and splashes, making the act of drinking very natural. There isn’t much sense in offering the finest coffees or other drinks if the actual act of consumption is not pleasurable or ends up ruining an expensive piece of clothing.

by FoamAroma LLC | 360.901.9537
Designed to increase the enjoyment of drinking on-the-go for a better sensory experience. FoamAroma fosters a relationship between the coffee and the consumer. It is like drinking from an open cup. They sense the difference and will return for more. SAVOR THE FOAM, INHALE THE AROMA, ENJOY YOUR COFFEE EXPERIENCE

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