Coffee Beyond the Beverage

Are you against cellulite, wrinkles and negative effects of UV rays? Have some coffee!  A cup of Joe goes way beyond brewing stations, restaurants and mugs territory. In fact, coffee invaded your beauty products without you noticing. Green beans, roasted beans and ground beans were taken to laboratories to be studied and an entirely new world of benefits was discovered. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and chlorogenic acids which are indicated to eliminate free radicals. Kudos go to Brazil’s cosmetic industry for recognizing the powerful benefits of coffee in beauty products. In fact, 2014 sales topped 3.285 billion dollars and has enjoyed an 11% growth in spite of political and economic crises in Brazil.

Sun blocks, shampoos, cream moisturizers, perfumes, gels, deodorants, soaps, exfoliating gels, anti-aging creams with coffee as ingredient are already a reality. According to the huge Brazilian cosmetic company NATURA, green coffee extract is “a component of some products in NATURA Chronos edition (anti-aging) and it is also used as an emollient in SR N shaving cream.” Known as a huge exporter of cosmetic products with Brazilian ingredients, NATURA carries several items with coffee in their composition, and has been doing so for years. Curiously, they list the grains just as an ingredient and not as a big star of their portfolio.

Even with NATURA’s minuscule disclosure with coffee, the coffee market began an awakening process and started focusing on this business opportunity. The Cooperative Cooxupé, located in the south of Minas Gerais state, developed an oil that serves as the basis for the cosmetics industry in the region. This moisturizer, emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative oil also protects the skin against UVB rays, prevents photoaging and has healing properties and beneficial vitamins. The same oil is sold to Attrato, a local company that carries a line of fourteen different cosmetic products.

Credito Cintia Institucional 01The fact that it can improve the appearance of cellulite, give shine and softness to hair and help in the treatment against hair loss is well known. Its use, however, is limited so far to the green coffee oil extract. The Kapeh Company went against the odds and innovated the entire cosmetic chain based on coffee. Owned by Vanessa Vilela, the enterprise aims to use everything that coffee can provide: coffee flowers to develop perfumes, coffee peel as exfoliant and caffeine to combat cellulite and reduce measurement. “Innovation is the success secret. Kapeh combined technology to discover what coffee can offer us, always in a sustainable way. The total use of coffee – flower, plant, grains – help us to make more products with fewer raw materials,” explains Vanessa.

Considering that there was little research about coffee uses in the cosmetic industry, the company took three years to pioneer studies and tests. Allied to the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), located in Minas Gerais state, the first Kapeh products were developed seven years ago. In an exclusive interview for Coffee Talk, the businesswoman with a pharmaceutical background revealed that the main goal since the beginning was total use of coffee in her products. Thus, all biomass from the production is used.

Vanessa turned two passions – coffee and cosmetics – into a million dollar business. The chain grew from just a few products to a portfolio of more than 100 items with 200 sales points in 18 Brazilian states, all made with UTZ certified coffee produced from her farms. “I was born and I still live in the biggest coffee region in the world, in the city of Três Pontas, Minas Gerais. And, I am proud to say that we grew 300% in the last five years and are preparing to conquer new markets abroad.” Exports to Portugal and Holland have started and Europe and the United States are slated for 2015. Vanessa says that the biggest challenge so far is to showcase her discoveries in a market that is dominated by huge companies. “After trying the product, the consumer falls in love with it. For this reason I am looking for business partners and distributors in America and Europe now.”

With that, the biggest coffee producer in the world is ready to export technology and products made by green and roasted grains around the globe. Very soon, the solution to the consumer’s problem for dry skin, damaged hair and wrinkles will be COFFEE. So… if you are feeling ugly, why not try some coffee?

by Kellinha Stein

Did you know that…

• Coffee flowers are used to develop perfumes.

• The high concentration of caffeine (substance that stimulates fat burn) is used to reduce body measures and eliminates cellulite.

• Coffee peels have exfoliating effects.

• Coffee extract is used as UV rays protection, and is already in several sun blocks composition.

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