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Customers are drawn, more than anything, to products that look good. Something that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more potential customers than a product that is weakly designed and uninteresting looking. Packaging design is an essential aspect of product marketing and sales. It is also the key in associating a brand to a certain thing – be it a color or a font. What that means, essentially, is that customers that are drawn to a package are bound to remember it later down the road before coming back to the product.

Failure to pay attention to the design of your packaging and labeling may decrease the visibility of your product and hurt sales. A good packaging strategy will serve to produce packaging that is unique, functional, safe, easy to remove, promote product benefits and promote your brand. There is more, however, to packaging design than simply ensuring a package looks appealing. There is a whole science behind it – from the shape of the package to the materials used without forgetting of course its functionality.

In addition to effective packaging design, private label products can contribute hugely to the bottom line. Private label products are no longer the unfashionable stepsisters of national brands. In fact, the quality and variety of private label products is better than ever. And to position products against national competitors, private labelers are relying on packaging that’s every bit as impactful as that of leading national brands.

There are various advantages for the retailers to go for private-label brands. Private-labeling gives you control over product and pricing and can gain your company marketing independence. Personalized inputs such as logos and taglines build value and brand recognition as well as allowing more control over changing customer preferences. These advantages provide an edge over the other brand.

To better serve our readers, CoffeeTalk has compiled a profile of packaging and private label suppliers and manufacturers. The companies profiled on the following pages offer a wide variety of products and services to meet all of your packaging and private label needs.

by Tightpac America Inc. | 310.338.0300

Tightpac America offers the largest selection of vacuum sealed containers! We have developed a patented vacuum system that acts exactly the same way as a one-way degassing valve, allowing natural gasses to escape without allowing oxygen in. Perfect for Coffee & Tea, guaranteeing freshness & flavor. Simplicity that works.


LX900 Color Label Printer
by Primera Technology, Inc. | 800.797.2772

Save time and money by printing and applying your own product labels! Primera Technology offers a variety of full-color desktop label printers, digital presses and label applicators. Print your labels on-demand with no more lead times or minimum orders.


PLI-VALV one way degassing valves
by PLITEK | 847.827.6680

One-way degassing valves (often called freshness valves, aroma valves, or coffee valves) are critical to maximizing coffee’s freshness by allowing freshly roasted coffee to degas in its packaging. PLITEK’s complete degassing solutions, PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves and valve applicators are the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective solution for degassing freshly roasted coffee in its packaging. For more information contact:


Craft Draft
by Caribbean Coffee Co. | 800.932.5282

Send us your beans & we send you back AWESOMESAUCE! Bona Fide Craft Draft yields profoundly good cold coffee.Our hybrid process preserves the aromatic compounds that coffee aficionados LOVE. Once brewed, the coffee angels are tucked in with nitrogen. 90 day+ shelf life refrigerated. 100% freshness guarantee!


BI Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine
by Bossar USA, Inc | 770.817.5030

The BI is capable of producing different packaging styles such as pillow, flat bottom and corner seal bags, with our without degassing valves. Full servo machine with compact frame and reduced parts for easy maintenance. The BI features production speeds of up to 100 bags per minute.


Custom Pack
by GRAMATECH | 323.726.9721

The updated Custom Pack is a must for companies needed to Vacuum Pack their product. With a state of the art PLC, it does the job right every time, all the time. All stainless steel construction, upper full view controls and very user friendly. Call today.


Custom Printed Labels
by LABELS WEST INC | 800.2287.5103

Labels West is a full service printer with digital print capabilities which can offer short lead times, no setup charges and offset quality to elevate your brand.


PONO 2015
by Savor Brands Inc. | 808.599.8988

We put the same amount of energy in printing as you do in roasting your coffee. We let designers know whatâ’s in the tool box so your package can POP. Holographic films, transparent inks, matte and gloss finishes, kraft papers; we work with it all. It’s what we do.


Roasted and Raw Coffee
by MoJo Roast, INC | 701.245.8080

All of the coffee that we bring in is Specialty Grade, roasted per order to ensure the freshest possible product for the consumer. We are not a one size fits all company, our customers let us know how they like their coffee roasted. Make A Footprint~ Make A Difference


Gift Bags for Coffees, Teas and Gourmet Foods
by Bella Vita | 480.827.3638

Bella Vita offers a variety of great grab and gogift bags especially made for your coffees, teas and gourmet foods. The unique window to show your items, coupled with beautiful jute and handmade papers – make for an attractive, durable and easy to use gift offering alternative.


by Outlook Group
1180 American Drive | 920.727.8548

Sustainable savings and operational efficiency set MICROLINER® apart in the world of labels! MICROLINER® utilizes a thinner, stronger film liner and reverse die-cutting process which allows for 30%-100% more labels per roll. This translates into less operational downtime for changeovers, higher average run speeds, reduced waste and lower shipping costs.


Vertical Bag Form Fill Seal Machines
by General Packaging Equipment Co. | 713.686.4331

In over 60 years General machines in the coffee roasting industry have proven themselves to be highly reliable in long term operation. Simple and rugged General machines are easy to run with a minimum of attention. General’s broad line of models are specifically designed for the needs of coffee roasters.


Coffee Pouch Sealer
by Pack Rite | 800.248.6868

The Thermo Motor Jaw Sealer comes with a one inch seal, heat in both the upper and lower brass sealing bars, adjustable thermostat, and dwell control timer for sealing consistency. The TMJS is ideal for sealing coffee pouches and other barrier material. Choose between three seal impressions: horizontal, vertical, flat.


K-Cup Packaging machine
by Socafe | 973.766.2367

Cost effective way to package your own K-Cups for a fraction of the cost, machines start at under $25,000 and are assembled in the USA. Please contact us for more details


Easy Snap
by Taipak Flexible Packaging | 604.617.2746

Easy-Snap is a Innovation European packaging solution that is now available in North America. It will drive your brand, create new sales opportunities and set you apart from your competition. Easy-Snap is a single serve, single hand liquid delivery system. Perfect for flavor syrups, honey and product sampling.


StixToGo Australia and New Zealand
by MBPAK | +61478224895

Increase customer satisfaction and improve perception of your cafe with StixToGo!

– Your excellent coffee stays hotter for longer

– No nasty spillage – no mess and no accidents

– A simple value-added service to powerfully differentiate your business from competition, and boost sales of high margin take away coffees


Single Service Cup & Machine for coffee or tea
by Telesonic Packaging Corp | 302.290.4803

Telesonic is the producer of a unique (patent pending) single service cup for coffee or tea capable of improved brewing in Keurig type coffee brewers. Telesonic’s cup is 100% recyclable. We supply many small roasters and high production machines. Our complete system will be exhibited at the SCAA in Seattle.


Private Label Program
by Park Avenue Coffee Roasters | 314.265.5000

We offer Private-Label options to incorporate your brand into your packaged coffee. We offer this for all wholesale customers and we offer this service at low minimum for customers of any size. All of our coffees are Small Batch, Air-Roasted in the most ECO-FRIENDLY roasting facility in the Midwest.


Custom Metal Coffee Packaging
by Planet Canit, LLC | 847.433.1619

Custom metal packaging from Planet Canit beautifully secures, stores and displays. Unique closures provide for easy dispensing of coffee–beans or grounds. Stack-to-fit metal packaging is an ideal way to offer coffee sampler sets. Consider an iconic look to commemorate that special anniversary or event. Traditionally re-usable Forever recyclable®


Hot Stamp Printing: Stand Up Pouches, Block Bottom Bags, Side Gusseted Bags, Flat Pouches, Quad Seal Bags, Paper Bags
by PBFY Flexible Packaging | 877.224.7496

PBFY’s Hot Stamp Printing is the perfect solution that enhances your brand on stand up pouches, block bottom bags, side gusseted bags, paper bags and flat pouches. Only 7 days is needed to print, inspect and ship out while competitors take 2-3 weeks. Call our Packaging Experts to get started!


by Smart Planet Technologies | 949.610.7063

Unlike traditional paper cups which are often destined for the landfill due to the interior plastic coating, the reCUP uses a barrier coating called EarthCoating and is engineered for recyclability through existing paper streams without any special handling nor closed-loop retail collection programs necessary.

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