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Thank you again – this industry never ceases to amaze me with the ability to come together to make a difference. This time it was during the SCAA Event. If you were in downtown Seattle on that Saturday night, you may have seen some strange things. In fact several famous coffee personalities were actually kidnapped!

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full” title=”From the Scavengers”]

We asked our scavengers and targets, “What did you enjoy the MOST about participating in the hunt?”

“EVERYTHING!!! I would not have changed a thing. The whole experience was amazing!! The people, the food, the game; all that fun for a good cause.”

“Being kidnapped was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Loved being part of a team!”

“For me [the best part] was meeting some interesting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. We jumped right into working together to solve tasks and that made it even better.  Even after only a few hours it felt like we’d known each other a lot longer.”

“Great prizes.   I wish I’d seen that bag of coffee ticket that Karl got!!”[/box]

In just a few hours this event raised $10,000 in donations for Grounds for Health and Educar Daterra. A huge thanks go to the all who participated and most especially our Co-Sponsor, Cablevey Conveyors, and our major sponsors, Daterra, TEAJA Organic, DS Services/Athena, Artisan Coffee Group, and illy. And of course, what is a scavenger hunt without prizes? More thanks to donors:


•Andrew Will Winery

•Art by Wendra


•Cliff’s Beer

•Coffee Analysts


•Equator Estates

•Garden to Cup Organics

•Holiday House

•Pentair Everpure

•Pollard Coffee

•Royal Coffee

Congratulations to go Cablevey Conveyors, the winning team and recipient of a Free Full Page Ad in CoffeeTalk’s 2017 State of the Industry.

Winning team members include:

•Steve Ives, Cablevey Conveyors

•Adam Paige, illy

•Kathy Berardo, Swiss Water

•Marty Curtis, Artisan Coffee Group

•Rita Fox, RoZark Hills Coffee Roasterie

•Roberta Bernhard, Earth’s Choice
(Women of Coffee Micro Finance)

And more mystery scavengers! 

In fact, the event was so successful and fun, we are thrilled to announce that Cablevey Conveyors and Daterra will again co-sponsor with CoffeeTalk Media the 2016 Charity Scavenger Hunt in Atlanta.

If you would like to be a part of next year’s hunt, just email and we will send you updates on being on a team, donating, or becoming a “target” to be kidnapped!

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