Connecting the Dots

Another early morning and my mind betrays my body in waking me, making me restless and pushing me to the edge of the bed. Resistance runs through me only for a moment, then I give in to the inevitable, and embrace the start of my day.

These early mornings I have come to secretly enjoy the sense of solitude in an otherwise congested life. I am grateful for my inner alarm clock that pushes me and then gives me peace. I put the coffee on and walk out on the deck, watching life unfold in the last of the shadows. Cup in hand, I watch the rhythm of the morning and I am sustained.

What SustainsYou?
There is much made of late surrounding the word “sustainable.” Some would make it to be this insurmountable mountain of doom, a thing we cannot undo. But in truth, it is simply a matter of our choosing. Making choices throughout our day that, individually, may not seem like much, but when viewed together, become habits that help sustain, not only the planet, but have an impact on our overall well being.

Working Green…Living Green
It is not difficult to feel the effects of a “greener” life. What sustains us is the very thing that will sustain the planet; it is just a matter of making small everyday choices and finding that thing that you find sustenance in.

Eat seasonally and throw a “Meatless Monday” in the weekly menu. We have, through distribution, reduced the relative size of our planet and created a demand for out of season fruits and vegetables. Try when possible, to eat seasonally; eat locally. Not only is the food fresher, you are cutting back on the demand for out-of-season food, which in turn, will reduce the need to move food across the globe.

“Meatless Monday” is really about water, saving resources, and reducing demand. Al Gore’s Live Earth organization reports that “If everyone went vegetarian just for one day, the U.S. would save: 100 billion gallons of water, enough to supply all the homes in New England for almost 4 months and 70 million gallons of gas, enough to fuel all the cars of Canada and Mexico combined with plenty to spare.”1

Follow the money. This is the easiest and in fact, the most important way to live a “greener” life. As consumers, we are the key to the ongoing development of socially responsible buying and spending. Through consumer demand, we have the power to be socially and morally connected to our food supply, our manufacturing base, and consumer goods. We have an opportunity to create change without policy or politics, just by choosing to support companies, organizations and products that are like-minded, innovative, and just.

Over the next few pages, you will find various products and organizations that are working green. They are doing their part whether through production, products, or development that offer more choices to a greener way of living.

1 Save the Planet: Eat Less Meat by Piper Hoffman, April 18, 2012


LMI Packaging Solutions Lidding Products
by LMI Pacakaging Solutions | (262) 947-3300
With over 4 decades of manufacturing experience LMI Packaging Solutions has a proven line of lidding products used for food and beverage packages. Through our efficient production processes, high-speed machinery, extensive product tooling, responsive customer service, and high end graphics we offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.


Travel Mug 20 oz
by Grey Fox Pottery | (612) 767-7407
Grey Fox Pottery now has a travel mug with lid to keep to-go cups out of landfills. Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House in Garden City, KS is the exclusive distributor. “They sell as quickly as we get them!” says General Manager Cassie Gonzales. It will be for sale nationwide in 2016.


Roya Recovery Project
by The Coffee Trust | (505) 670-9783
The Coffee Trust supports self-empowerment for coffee producers through the peer-to-peer, shared learning principles of Campesino a Campesino. The Coffee Trust works in the impoverished, war-ravaged, Ixil region of San Gaspar Chajul, Guatemala on sustainable, organic food sovereignty and healthcare projects, and economic diversification, education and organic Roya Recovery projects.


UpShot Single Serve Capsule
by Pro-Line Packaging | (630) 422-1012
Pro-Line Packaging exclusively uses the UpShot single-serve capsule, and is proud to now introduce the fully compostable UpShot program! Pro-Line is the paramount solution for eco-friendly ways to package single-serve. Both the compostable and recyclable UpShot capsules give you an unsurpassed brew every time – with the environment in mind.


The New Super Pod
by Pod Pack International, LTD. | (225) 752-1160
Pod Pack International continues to innovate with the Super Pod, designed to provide high quality options for hotel, and food service. The hotel pod is used in current single cup equipment with a new reusable tray. The food service pod will brew up to 20 ounces for a large drink.


Don Francisco’s Family Reserve® Portion Packs
by Gavina Gourmet Coffee | (800) 428-4627
Each Don Francisco’s Family Reserve® coffee is carefully roasted to reveal its unique flavor, aroma, and overall taste to ensure you’ll get a rich and flavorful cup every time. Our portion packs are perfect for your office break room or anywhere you brew coffee! Get your free a sample today!


Training and Consulting
by International Coffee Consulting Group | (818) 347-1378
ICC has a team of instructors that can deliver Q Arabica and Q Robusta classes as well as the SCAA certification curriculum. We can work in your certified lab or arrange a classroom for you.bWe also offer consulting to every level of the supply chain; especially roasters!


Biotrē Packaging
by Pacific Bag, Inc. | (800) 562-2247
Biotrē Film is made from 60% (by weight) renewable wood pulp and will biodegrade in several months in a backyard composter. The remaining 40% of the bags is Polyethylene from fossil fuels with an additive designed to make it breakdown over five to ten years, significantly better than standard packaging.


Waffle Lite Sleeves
by Double Team Inc. | (877) 320-3880
Our Printed GREEN Waffle Lite Sleeves are your choice.  They fit 10-24 oz paper hot cups and 12-24 oz clear plastic cold cups.  They are made of post consumer paper and are pre-assembled, recyclable and packed 1,000 pcs/case.

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