Producer Profile

Honduras #17, Yire – Juan Carlos Manueles Ventura

•    Farm:     Yire
•    Farmer:     Juan Carlos Manueles Ventura

Table 1In the highest and coldest part of the southwestern border between Honduras and El Salvador is Finca Yire in the community of Aguacinga, municipality of Santa Elena, department of La Paz. The farm is owned by Juan Carlos Manueles Ventura, and contributes to the economy of 12-15 neighboring families who work in the maintenance, picking, hauling and processing of coffee.

Juan Carlos, helped by his wife and their two children, has planted Pache variety at a height of 1770 meters above sea level. Treated well at all stages, the coffee regularly gives excellent quality results. This is Yires’ second COE competition, and the first time to win. Juan Carlos is sending his oldest son to study agronomy and continue the family tradition.

Table 2As for crop care and processing, Juan Carlos emphasizes regular weeding of his farm, as well as careful selective picking. Fermentation is carried out for 36 hours, after which the coffee is washed using water from a natural source. Then, it is dried on screens to a 40% humidity level, and finally moved the coffee solar dryer to complete the drying. The total process takes between 17 and 20 days.

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