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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, TECHNOLOGY? Does it send shivers up your spine? For those of you that know me personally, it should come as no surprise that this is one of my favorite issues. What is that? Did hear a collective groan? Silent screams of terror of the thought of having to learn yet another new system, especially since you had just gotten use to the old one? Do you wish you could go back to a time when you didn’t need to use acronyms like FTP; http; ISP; POTS; USB; VPN; www; RAM; CSS; WAN; GIGO, etc (bonus points to anyone who knows what all 11 stand for*)? Well I have just three words for you. GET OVER IT! Technology is not the bad guy!

What is “technology?” Just type the word into Google and you receive 2,500,000,000 results in a mere .29 seconds. In reviewing the plethora of definitions the common thread is: “The application of knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” So why do so many abhor the thought of technology? Simple. Change is what terrifies most. With questions popping into our heads like will I look stupid; what if I ask a “dumb” question; do I have to, it seems far more comfortable to just stay the course, even when it is hurting you!

Well if you want to survive and even thrive in today’s ever changing world, it is time to tame the beast! It is time to change your mindset. And that is what it is, a mindset. Look at the definition again. I don’t see computer. I don’t see pc or CRM or SaaS. I see KNOWLEDGE! Beyond that I see PRACTICAL! Technology is just another word for figuring out how to do something better. It need not be scary, not if you view it as an adventure! And remember that big adventures generally require guides. So if you are not one to circumvent the globe in a sailboat, or hike the Pacific Crest Trail on your own, you are not alone and there are experts in any field who can help. As long as you are willing to ask.

So retailers, take a peak at page 22 to see how Water Avenue Coffee is embracing technology to succeed. And roasters, page 8 shows you how innovations should be more than cool. And for all, page 10 and 12 gives you some more tools and ideas to embrace the challenge, to improve your businesses. Welcome to CoffeeTalk’s Technology issue and may the force be with you.

*Think you are a tech nerd? Here are the what these abbreviations mean in order: File Transfer Protocol; HyperText Transfer Protocol; Internet service provider; Plain old telephone service; Universal Serial Bus; Virtual private network; World Wide Web; Random Access Memory; Cascading Style Sheets; Wide-Area Network; Garbage In Garbage Out.

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