Fresh Summer Supplies

Summertime is upon us as the countries vaccine rates rise so too does the excitement for getting back out into the world. This summer is sure to be a vibrant one of relief, marathon barbeques, and epic road trips. For all this fun you are going to need some proper caffeinated supplies to step up to the challenge.


Getting on the open road has always been an American summer tradition. Whether you are visiting beautiful beaches, checking out National Parks, or simply headed where the wind blows you. Coffee is always your co-pilot and this year you can make it a little easier and a little more sustainable with a Husk Cup. The Husk Cup is an upcycled product made from discarded coffee bean husk. These cups have a beautiful design and a wonderful tactile quality when you grip the round ridged vessel. They are available in 6oz (flat white size) 8oz (cappuccino) 12oz (latte) and 16oz (filter coffee) sizes depending on your needs and preferences. The cups fit right into your car’s cupholders for easy sippin’ on the go.

Check out the HuskeeSwap website and see where you can pick up and drop off your cup to keep the cycle of reuse going across the country.

If you’re feeling adventurous and outdoorsy then you won’t want to miss the Grounds & Hounds Co. Escape with your Sidekick Collection. Stop by the site and pick up the Camp Out blend, a 32oz coffee growler, and a t-shirt to let the world know camping is back!


Finally, Yoga studios and cross-fit are back on the table. For some of us, the long break may pump the breaks on our enthusiasm to get back in the headspace for these old habits. For this, try Bulletproofs, The Mentalist in new fully compostable pods for use with Nespresso machines. Add their Brain Octane for a boost of C8 MCT oil and Ghee to give your mind endurance.

If you are more interested in just having a great coffee and feeling great about it, try Goodsam’s new coffee line from individual farms. We recently sampled the Colombian coffee from Finca Bellavista Vereda Perico and it was delicious. Notes of caramel, grape, and peach notes with a clean creamy finish. Not only is this Organic, Direct-Trade coffee delicious, it is also supporting regenerative farming and educational programs local to where the coffee is grown.


When the summer is hot we like our coffee cold. It doesn’t get much cooler than La Colombe’s cold brew. Whether you’re going for the party size fridge pack tap or a good old oatmilk draft latte in a can, you can’t go wrong with one of these great cold coffees however the best summer vibes come from the recent release of the Nitro Cold Brew with Lemon. Give it a shot.

Kahlua is a staple in every liquor cabinet and now we just have to add another bottle. The iconic liqueur has reimagined their classic bottle to go back to its coffee roots. Starting in Veracruz Mexico, a great location for many coffee farms, Kahlua is excited to kick of the summer by reminding everyone the best way to pair your Kahlua… with more coffee! Kahlua martinis at night and cold brew and Kahlua for the beach.

Enjoy the summer months and the great sigh of relief. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep caffeinated.

by Jake Leonti

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