Connecting the Dots

As a coffee shop or café, there are many ways to become more successful, and increasing your bottom line is no different. Although there are many factors that contribute to your business’s success, the first indicator to gauge your company’s success is typically the bottom line. So, how do you improve your bottom line? At the most basic level, there are two ways to increase your bottom line; you can either increase sales or decrease costs. It is important to point out that these strategies are equally as effective, as long as the amounts are proportionate; $10 savings is just as valuable as $10 of additional sales.

You may be asking, “what’s your point?” This same concept should be considered in your evaluation of the products and tools you purchase for your shop. Not at all the products you purchase should be selected solely based on their direct impact on your sales. No matter what, there’s a cost of doing business which means some of the products you purchase will never be an item you resell to end consumer, yet the right products can add value to your business in addition to fulfilling their functional duty.

For example, every business need some form of transaction processing. The solution to this can be as simple as a cash box or it can be as sophisticated as a fully integrated point-of-sales software that tracks ingredient usage, waste estimates, and much more. Although a cash box will be less of an upfront investment, in the long run using a great point-of-sales software will make your shop more successful by helping you identify excessive waste, collect specific transaction data, and reduce management costs through simplifying inventory tracking and forecasting for your purchasing.

State of the art point-of-sales software is expensive and may not be a viable option for all shops, but what is a low-cost item that every single café worldwide has in common? Cups, every shop must have some type of container to serve their drinks in. Which means there’s no way around this cost, but why wouldn’t you search for a solution that adds value to your business? Selecting a company that offers custom printing fulfills your need for to-go cups and turns every to-go customer into a traveling billboard for your coffee shop, which is basically free marketing since the to-go cup is a necessary cost to begin with. On the other hand, merchandising reusable drinkware not only increases brand awareness by displaying your logo everywhere it goes, these items will also subsidize to-go cup usage, resulting in decreased costs for you. Or pass along the savings to your customers, in order to incentivize them to reuse your travel mugs and increase drink purchases from those patrons.

Now the hard part comes, it’s time to analyze your options and select the optimal products for your business. Luckily, this issue of Coffee Talk Media is dedicated to profiling some overlooked products that have the potential to be invaluable to your business as well as its future success. So, sit back relax and enjoy this issue with your favorite brew!

By Matthew Moseley of Barista Pro Shop

Add a Scoop Pea Protein
by Add A Scoop | (415) 382-6535

Pea Protein, the new kid on the block, is the protein of choice for people with specific food allergies or sensitivities. Although soy protein has traditionally been the choice for non-dairy protein, the flavorless Add a Scoop Pea Protein boost is now available as well. Vegan, Kosher & Halal certified.



Bona Fide Craft Draft Nitro Coffee
by Caribbean Coffee Company | (800) 932-5282

Say hello to the Best tasting NITRO coffee available. FairTrade, Organic, Cold Coffee goodness served “On Tap”. Craft Draft is a spectacle to behold as the nitrogen cascades. We Roast and Brew and Deliver Kegs to your door with a 90 day freshness guarantee refrigerated. Enjoy!



Coffee Fest’s Drink Innovations Lab
by Coffee Fest Trade Show | (800) 232-0083

Your menu’s beverage strategy says a lot about your brand & business. Do you strive for your café drink menu to embrace current trends and appeal to a larger customer base? This hands-on workshop at Coffee Fest will teach you how to create multiple new drinks that will increase sales.



Custom Printed Java Jacket
by Java Jacket | (800) 208-4128

Custom printed Java Jackets™ the perfect way to advertise your business! Our custom printing department is dedicated to making sure that you get the product you want. Visit our Get Creative page to get a few ideas and don’t forget to fill out our inquiry form and ask questions.



by Tightpac America Inc. | (888) 428-4448

The Coffeevac keeps your delicious coffee fresh up to 3x longer. The easy push button system allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape from your beans-but does not let oxygen in! Coffeevac uses a patented vacuum seal technology that works every time you open & close the container.



Nouveau Lotus- 12oz Porcelain Tumbler
by Vessel Drinkware | (855) 883-7735

Functional, stylish, and fun! Our collection features lifestyle driven artwork, offering custom and cobranding programs that speak to your customers. Every oneVessel® product is BPA-free and printed domestically.



Planet+ Cups from Stalkmarket Compostables
by Asean/Stalkmarket | (503) 295-4977

Whether it is stock print or your own custom print cup needs, Planet+ Compostable Hot Cups from Stalkmarket continue to be the leading sustainable choice of independent roasters for their coffee and tea retail beverage services. Contact us today at



AeroPress coffee maker
by Aerobie, Inc. | (650) 493-3050

The AeroPress coffeemaker is a new kind of coffee press that brews under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee without bitterness and with low acidity. Your customers will enjoy your coffee at home even more when they brew with an AeroPress.



Dunkin Donuts
by Dunkin’ Brands | (781) 737-3000

Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 5 million customers per day worldwide, selling more than 1.8 billion cups of hot and iced coffee globally every year. Dunkin’s coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans grown, picked, and graded to a rigorous Dunkin’ Donuts Quality (DDQ) specifications. Dunkin’ Donuts offers more than 70 varieties of donuts and an array of coffee beverages as well as sandwiches for anytime of the day and other baked goods.



Waffle Lite Sleeves
by Double Team Inc. | (877) 320-3880

Our printed GREEN Waffle Lite Sleeves are your choice. They fit 10-24 oz paper hot cups and 12-24 oz clear plastic cold cups. They are made of post consumer paper and are pre-assembled, recyclable and packed 1,000 pcs/case.



15 Series Ice and Water Dispenser
by Follett Corporation | (800) 523-9361

The 15 Series ice and water dispenser delivers customer-preferred Chewblet® nugget ice in a compact, drainless design that fits in spaces where other ice makers can’t go. The 15 Series is available in both countertop and freestanding models, and the sanitary, capacitive touch dispensing feature eliminates direct contact with ice.



Coffee Shop Manager
by Coffee Shop Manager | (800) 750-3947

An award winning specialty coffee point-of-sale solution created for coffee people, by coffee people. From basic point-of-sale technology to fully featured comprehensive business tools like online + mobile ordering and loyalty marketing, CSM has everything you need to grow your business.



CoffeeTalk Magazine
by CoffeeTalk Media | (206) 686-7378

CoffeeTalk Media is the most reliable source of coffee business news and informational articles available in the world today. Make sure to keep your competitive edge with our free subscriptions at



Classy, Affordable Mugs Perfect for Retail Sales
by Grey Fox Pottery | (612) 767-7407

We partner with you to put your brand into customers hands using Ceramic Scrimshaw process with your customized logo for a look that’s a cut above everyday. Ordering is easy. Always handmade in the USA, food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Visit our website to see the rainbow of styles/colors.

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