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Advertorial vs Editorial

Editorial in our publication MUST
have a primary goal of making our readers better in their business. We
do not allow “advertorial” as it devalues our publication as a
trustworthy source of information.

Advertorial is an article that
focuses on a single company or product and feels like the writer is
trying to sell the product to the reader. This does not help the writer
and may hurt the publication’s reputation of trust with their readers.

is an article that seeks to identify a problem a reader has and offers
solution. It does not focus on only one company or product as a
solution,  but rather talks about what the solutions could look like and
offer examples (which may include their product, but again not just
theirs) of solutions. The better you describe the problem you are
solving in the opening paragraph, the more attention you will get from
the target readers.

By talking in third person rather than “my
company, my product” etc, the more respect you will have from the
reader. This is incredibly value to you in your marketing efforts of
your product as you will then have an industry article to reference and
be set up as a trustworthy industry expert.

Your article will
have your name, title, company name, and email address… this is your
sales tool. Readers will contact you IF they are impressed with the gift
of knowledge you game them in the article. Also we can give you a pdf
and link to the article to reference in your future marketing efforts.

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