Brew And Biodiversity: Over To Small Coffee Farmers

BENGALURU: Small coffee farmers can make a big difference to our environment. A new study done in Hassan, Kodagu and Chikkamagaluru says conservation of Western Ghats’ biodiversity depends on these farmers growing the arabica variety in Karnataka.

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Rodrigo Chavez, Texas A&M AgriLife Center for Coffee Research and Education coffee training and program director, Bryan-College Station, has some useful tips on how to brew a truly good cup of coffee and what purchasing good coffee really means for you and the farmers who grow the beans.

Vietnam Now Japan’s Top Coffee Supplier, Fueled By COVID

Sales of the higher-quality arabica beans favored by coffee shops have fallen. The trend has made Vietnam, the world’s biggest producer of robusta, Japan’s top supplier of coffee beans and relegated Brazil to second place.

How COVID-19 Could Drastically Change Our Coffee Supply In The Next Year

With workers being shuffled out of the office and bunkered inside homes, the coffee bean market has noticed changes in consumer behavior, The Wall Street Journal reported. Citing market reports, the movement of two specific beans — arabica and robusta — shows how the coffee field has changed for consumers in the West.