“I’m Not A Barista” Non-Profit Organization Connects Roasters, Baristas And Coffee Lovers Worldwide With #Brewathome Campaign

Covid-19 has threatened many coffee businesses, leaving coffee lovers wondering how they can support their local roasters and baristas. I’M NOT A BARISTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting coffee professionals, has launched the #brewathome social media campaign to connect coffee roasters and baristas to consumers at this challenging time. By encouraging coffee lovers to brew safely at home through the #brewathome campaign, I’M NOT A BARISTA is helping people find connection to others while staying safe.

What Do Coffee And Chocolate Have In Common?

Both coffee and chocolate have ancient histories. While you may know that chocolate originated in the Americas, coffee seems to have first come onto the human radar in about A.D. 200 … via dancing goats in southwest Ethiopia. Goats, I hear you cry?