1951 Coffee Company Works To Support Employees, Refugees Amid Pandemic

As many businesses struggle with closures and changing public health guidelines, 1951 Coffee Company is no exception. The cafe’s three locations have been reopening gradually. The College Avenue location reopened May 20, and the one on Channing Way — the company’s first location — reopened July 15. The Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union location, however, is still closed, as students are not on campus.

Team Of Nationally Recognized Baristas Open Their Own Shop In Central East Austin

Try Hard’s menu represents the owners Raechel Hurd, Gabrielle Rose, and Jon French’s passion for coffee, with a full spectrum of roasts and many experimental varieties. Coffee is also for sale by the bag. In addition, there are several housemade non-coffee beverages, like Pineapple Jalapeno Big Swig, with a Tajin spice rim and a sweet coconut cream foam, or an Italian soda made with hibiscus tea concentrate.