Big Coffee Sellers Use Blockchain To Connect Farmers And Customers

Production transparency and blockchain technology are natural partners in the transformation of supply chain management. This may seem like a business platitude written about a new corporate event, but distributed ledger technology keeps making progress with large companies.

Nestlé Expands Use Of IBM Food Trust Blockchain To Its Zoégas Coffee Brand

Nestlé launched select editions of Zoégas whole beans and roast & ground coffee in Sweden with the ‘Summer 2020’ range being a 100% Rainforest Alliance certified blend of arabica coffee beans from three origins – Brazil, Rwanda and Colombia. Through blockchain-recorded data, buyers of the coffee will now be able to trace their coffee back to the different origins.

Why It Matters Where Your Coffee Comes From – And How Blockchain Can Show You

And so the extraordinary influence of coffee on global society took hold, sweeping from 16th century Constantinople to the streets of Venice where coffee quickly became the beverage over which business and trade was discussed. Unlike alcohol which tended to sedate drinkers, coffee was a stimulant, making it ideal for social meetups between businessmen.