Coffee Holding Co. And The Jordre Well To Launch CBD Beverages

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (Nasdaq: JVA) (the “Company” or “Coffee Holding”), a leading integrated wholesale coffee roaster and dealer in the United States, announced that the Company has entered into binding agreements (the “Agreement”) to become a 49% owner in The Jordre Well, LLC (“The Jordre Well”), a cannabidiol (“CBD”) beverage company…

Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Co. Wants To Be Your CBD Gateway

Emily Barton speaks fast, is a mother of nine, and goes by the nickname Sweetz. She’s also the owner of Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Co., located just north of downtown Gilbert. Barton started making cold brew coffee at home several years ago, after a doctor told her husband to cut out coffee, among other things. Cold brew has 67 percent less acid, so she bought some beans and started experimenting. Soon, her husband was drinking cold brew like it was iced tea, and her residence slowly was becoming a makeshift coffee shop.

Caliva Launches CBD Beverage Unit With Soul Grind Coffee

“[With cannabis] we have different products that target different consumer groups at different price points, so with beverage we are following that same trend,” Cuvelier said. “We believe we can develop a portfolio of infused beverages that target different consumers at different need states.”