Java Chip-Flavored Oreos Are A Thing, And They Sound Like A Coffee Lover’s Dream

Well, it’s been about, what, like, five seconds since Oreo last announced a new flavor? And if you’re an ardent Oreo lover like I am, you know that’s juuuust about the longest they’ll wait to drop something new. Which brings us here—to the cookie company’s latest launch. It sounds kind of like if Oreo and a Starbucks Frappuccino were to have a baby.

RPT-EXCLUSIVE-Pact To Aid Poor Cocoa Farmers In Peril As COVID-19 Hits Demand

But the scheme, set to come into effect this October, was based on expectations that international cocoa prices would stay within average ranges. Instead, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on demand has driven them to their lowest in nearly two years and they are expected to stay weak for at least a year, the industry says.

Diversification: Monarch Drums Support For Cocoa, Coffee, Kolanuts Farmers

Alhaji Umaru Sanda, the Gangwari Ganye of Ganye Chiefdom, Adamawa State, has urged the Federal and Adamawa  Governments to provide subsidy for Cocoa, Coffee, Kolanuts and other agricultural produce farmers in his domain. The first class traditional ruler made the call at  a news conference to mark his 20th anniversary on the throne, held in his Palace in Ganye town on Sunday.